Mia Brett is a PhD candidate in American legal history and a cofounder of All Women's Progress Party (AWP). She is also a freelance writer on feminism, history, and politics as well as an adjunct in American history.

Mia Brett is also available for speaking engagements.



All Women’s Progress is a nonpartisan policy institute dedicating to improving the lives of women and marginalized groups through intersectional research and education

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Mia Brett has far ranging teaching experience in American history and has created her own syllabi in courses on the legal construction of race, gender, and sexuality. She gives lectures on the importance of legal history as well as race and gender in law.

Fall 2019: Social Movements; American Peoples II (Old Westbury), US History to 1877 (CUNY Queens College) Spring 2019: The Legal Construction of Race in US History (Adelphi) Fall 2018: Black History until 1865The Civil Rights Movement (Adelphi)                Fall 2017: The Legal Construction of Race in US History (Adelphi)                              Winter 2017: 19th Century Scandals  (SUNY Stony Brook)                                      Winter 2016: Sexuality and the Law in 20th Century US History (SUNY Stony Brook)